Ultimately, as a photographer, it’s not what you take your photos with that matters, but what you take them of.  People get obsessed about the “rules” of photography – getting a perfectly composed image using the rule of thirds with perfect lighting. But a technically perfect photo of a boring subject will still be a boring photo. What I really love are the photos of beautiful, exciting or wild places – of nature and animals – and then, so long as you don’t simply screw it up – the photos will always be interesting.

The great thing is that, to go and get the sort of image I’m talking about – you don’t need to spend any money. You just need to be willing to get up early in the morning, head out into the world and take your camera along…

Snowdon - the way down
Snowdon – the view from (near) the top

Recently, I went on a trip just like that to Snowdonia, in Wales, to climb Mount Snowdon.  True – conditions weren’t ideal for photography (though they were ideal for climbing) with heavy clouds hanging around the peaks; but while the photos won’t win any awards for their perfect blue skies, I do think they show what Snowdon really looks like.

Shrouded in cloud, the peak of Snowdon was NOT the place to take photos...
Shrouded in cloud, the peak of Snowdon was NOT the place to take photos…

The good news was, that as the days went on – conditions got better and better. The bad news was, that was only after we had already climbed Snowdon itself.   The whole area, though, is a stunning landscape to explore.

Sitting on the edge of the world
Sitting on the edge of the world
Snowdonian Valley
Snowdonian Valley

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